The City of Eden Prairie provides recreational fire guidelines to prevent fire hazards and ensure the safety of recreational fire activity. These guidelines outline the permissible size and location of a recreational fire within the City, and also provide limits on what materials can be burned, as well as when fires are allowed. What are your thoughts about recreational fires?

The City of Eden Prairie would like to know how residents feel about allowing domesticated chickens in their neighborhoods. City ordinance currently prohibits keeping chickens in residential areas. Several neighboring cities have recently changed their policies to allow residential chickens.

Do you think the City of Eden Prairie should change its ordinance to allow chickens?

Discussion: 2016 City Budget

The Eden Prairie City Council is introducing a new way for the community to provide input on the 2016 City budget. Over the next several weeks, videos featuring each City department will be released in hopes that you — the taxpayers of Eden Prairie — gain a better understanding of the process for developing a City budget and what you’re paying for.

The next steps in the budget process include the adoption of the preliminary – or proposed – budget at the Sept. 1 City Council meeting. Soon after its adoption, the preliminary budget will be available at edenprairie.org/budget. Your input will be collected until late this fall and used to refine the final budget presented to the City Council at its Dec. 1 meeting.

Be sure to watch the 2016 Proposed Budget Overview video below where City Mangager Rick Getschow explains the budget process and provides an overview of the City's 2016 proposed budget.

Then stay tuned as more videos are released over the next several weeks here on Eden Prairie CITY CONNECT. And don’t forget, we want to hear from YOU — Speak Up and Join the Discussion

Discussion: Organics Recycling


Residential recycling has become second nature; however about 30 percent of what we throw away can still be recycled. This includes organic waste such as used paper products, food scraps and food-soiled products. In organics recycling programs, these types of items are recycled into valuable compost that can be used in landscaping beds and road construction projects.


The City of Eden Prairie has kicked off a multi-year planning process to update its Comprehensive Plan — Aspire Eden Prairie 2040.

As residents and stakeholders, you have a vested interest in this planning process. Please share your thoughts about the need for neighborhood commercial development in the southwest quadrant of the city.