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The City of Eden Prairie is in the midst of updating its Comprehensive Plan — Aspire Eden Prairie 2040.

As residents and stakeholders, you have a vested interest in this planning process. Please share your thoughts and insights to guide city leaders in planning for the future of our community.



A sense of community often refers to the experience of community rather than its structure, formation, setting or other features.

When thinking about your own sense of community in Eden Prairie, please share your insights about what it means to you, what factors play a role in your experience and what would enhance your sense of belonging and commitment to our community.

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The City of Eden Prairie is working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to help create a land use plan for the Flying Cloud Landfill site, located east of Flying Cloud Drive and south of Pioneer Trail.

The land use plan could allow options such as:

- Alternative energy sources (solar, wind, methane recapture)

- Native landscaping and pollinator habitat environment

- Yard waste/compost site for residents

- Vertical gardens

Please share your thoughts about which of these land use options is most appealing, and why. Do you have other ideas worth considering?

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City leaders aim to position Eden Prairie as a vibrant City characterized by the thoughtful integration of natural beauty and physical development, making it a highly desirable place for residents and businesses.

What are your thoughts on how well this has been accomplished so far? Should the city be doing more to promote preservation of natural resources within the community? What could be done?

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The transportation system and its ability to meet the mobility and access needs of individuals is a key component of the City's infrastructure now and into the future. When you think about the areas in which you drive, ride, walk or bike around Eden Prairie, is there one specific location where you'd like the City to focus on making improvements? What would you like to see happen there?

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