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Discussion: Solid Waste Planning

As part of the Sustainable Eden Prairie initiative, Eden Prairie is planning for the future management of solid waste, organics and recycling. The City recently invited the community to provide input on these topics. Now, you can also share your thoughts and discuss them with others online!

Topic: Bulky Waste

Community Drop-Off Day

The City is looking at the potential to expand the annual Community Drop-Off Day event, which takes place in June and provides disposal options for furniture, appliances and more - currently some items can be dropped off free of charge, and others require a fee. Click here for details about this event.

- Have you taken advantage of this program?

- What other items/materials would you like to see collected at the drop-off event?

- Would you be willing to pay a fee to participate? If yes, would you prefer an entry fee or per-item fee?

- What amount would you be willing to pay to participate in a drop-off event?

Trash Haulers

Haulers currently offer curbside pickup for bulky items.

- Have you taken advantage of this?

- How well is it working? Is the cost reasonable?

- Would you be interested in the ability to schedule an appointment for curbside collection of appliances or bulky items if the City could negotiate a reduced fee?

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Jodi Kirsch Schiek over 1 year ago

I would be completely for a negotiated fee especially for batteries and electronics ( including charging cords, etc). It is very important to keep these items out of the trash. Have it on a monthly basis! Include tube tv's as well. I see a ton of people struggling to properly dispose of them.

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Molly Patil over 1 year ago

There's a local group called Tonka Green that organizes a fantastic annual event in Minnetonka where things are not only recycled, but turned in for reuse or fundraising purposes. I would love to see something like this offered here in Eden Prairie. I would like to see more regular Community Drop-off events (at least twice/year). It always seems to fall on a weekend we are out of town.

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Sarah Nelson over 1 year ago

We participate in the Spring Clean-up nearly every year. I agree with the others; more than once a year would be helpful. Perhaps quarterly would be a reasonable option.
We have not used our trash hauler to remove bulky items. If an appliance is replaced, the vendor recycles it for us. We are happy to pay modest fee to drop off the batteries, fluorescent lamps and other items with the assurance they are properly recycled or disposed of. It beats driving to the Hennepin County location in Bloomington.

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Laura Ninow over 1 year ago

We participate in it yearly, and it serves our purposes. Perhaps twice a year would be good, just to get the stuff out of the house sooner. But not because of the amounts. Lines haven't been too bad, at all. Seems to be decreased. Summer is hard luckly the weekend usually works for us. Maybe spring or fall would be better? I'd rather go to Bloomington to drop off hardarous for dumping our stuff for free.

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Brian Myers over 1 year ago

SWS takes bulky things. I got rid of a 4'x3' heavy steel cabinet and it cost $20. Seems a bit expensive but I needed the space so couldn't wait for June. I've taken advantage of the EP event in the past but keep missing the date. I'd appreciate some corner signs being put out a week or two before the even (like the Pancake Breakfast and such) as a reminder. I think this is an important event.

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Betty Otsea over 1 year ago

We appreciate the community drop off. Could hazardous materials be included? Would be great if it could be free -- fees would turn many people off and discourage participation. I didn't know haulers offered curbside pickup for bulky items. Our experience has been that items like appliances are taken care of by the installer of the new product.

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