I have a neighbor that is storing his neon orange catamaran on the lawn by the mailbox/street and it is super trashy looking. I am not sure if there are ordinances as to how to store non motorized watercraft and if it needs to be inside or away from the street. Ideas??

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Traffic leaving EP Ctr at Preserve Blvd turning left onto Prairie Ctr Dr needs a left turn signal. It is VERY difficult to see past the oncoming Preserve Blvd cars that are waiting to turn left (to go toward the library).

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I avoid shopping at peak hours if I have to cross over Hwy 5. With the increase in traffic, it is not uncommon for it to take 2-3x the time to run a simple errand around Kowolski's area. You could easily bypass this issue using a bridge or overpass instead of stoplights at Hwy 5 and County Road 4.

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Brandon Fish over 1 year ago

There is currently a quality, cost, and contract issues with the limited internet options currently available to residents. On holidays and weekends, the internet services degrade rapidly and affects the quality of life of residents in EP. The internet providers currently play contract and discounts games often forcing people into contracts they don't want.

The City of Eden Prairie should explore options to increase the cost, quality, and satisfaction of Internet access options. Some ideas include municipal internet, subsidize additional fiber/broadband capacity, collect data about current latency/speed and availability of service.

We can see Minneapolis residents are already accessing fiber internet from an alternative internet provider and it becomes apparent EP is falling behind in this area. To stay competitive and keep our city a top place to live, we cannot ignore the comparably poor internet service we have here.

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Claire Bleser about 3 years ago

It would be great if we could go to Public Works and drop off leaves, yard waste and brush from Eden Prairie residents. The leaf drop-off and brush drop-off programs have different processing methods and distinct end markets for the different materials, so it’s important they stay separate. Compost could be used for park projects or community gardens.

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The large wakes caused by boats deliberately creating waves to surf on are eroding shorelines and damaging property. 2-3 foot wakes are common with this sport. It also creates a danger to other boaters attempting to launch their boats at the access. Limit it to the larger southern part of the lake and 75-100yards off shore. Ski boats are not a problem and neither is tubing. Better still, make north of the fishing pier a no wake zone for safety for launching boats.

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There is lots of open land in EP that could be planted with milkweed to help the Monarch butterflies.

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